Who Would Benefit From Sober Coaching With DPR Services?

  • Various and multiple addictions (substances, alcohol, sex, gambling etc.)
  • Concurrent disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar, eating disorders, self harm and other mental health concerns)
  • Multiple treatment and relapse experiences
  • Hectic schedules that do not allow for regular treatment or outpatient options
  • Family/relational disintegration and wanting to rebuild connection
  • Meeting requirements for legal/court matters or child custody matters
  • Feeling resentful, questioning or struggling in your sobriety
  • Entering environments or connections that may be threatening to your sobriety
  • Wanting a personalized element of self-care
  • Looking for continued care and support
  • Cultural and/or religious considerations
  • Needing assistance in adjusting to sober living and/or integrating into new/old environments

DPR Services understands sobriety does not typically come without struggle or relapse. By meeting each client exactly where they are, and working with them as a ‘whole person’, we assist them in getting to where they would like to be and maintaining it in a manageable way.

What is Sober Coaching?

A Sober Coach is a recovery professional that works on a one-on-one basis with clients as they navigate through their addiction and recovery journey. A sober coach will foster a close and personal relationship with their client as they work on maintaining sobriety.

Highly individualized and interdisciplinary support

will assist clients in relapse prevention, sobriety goals and motivation, self-growth, and creating a well-balanced lifestyle

Sober coaches provide

a holistic approach that will meet personal recovery needs.

Need Help?

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